Tuesday, August 27, 2013


My talented cousin Joe is part of an exhibition now showing at the Tasmanian Design Centre, so I knew we had to take time out to go and see it. On a Friday I'm lucky enough to have a Nanny come for a few hours so I can book a few "appointments" (Usually lazy lunches and a wine or two with friends), so on the Friday just gone, I took Poppy and my Nanna (Poppy's Great Nanna) to the design centre to check it out.

I had been there a few times before and have been amazed at the beautiful exhibits.

 The beautiful craftsmanship that has gone into each and every piece is amazing the jewels, chairs, tall boys, glasses, lounges, tables, desks, sculptures are all so beautiful and inspiring. 

Many pieces are made out of Tasmanian woods or by Tasmanian designers.

Joe's Conceptual building blocks were with out a doubt Poppy's favourite, it was the only exhibit where the sign said "Play with exhibit" instead of "Don't touch exhibit" and she stayed there while we finished having a look around.

We have some of Joe's building blocks in our home, and they are a favourite with the children, you will find a few of his lovely kitchen boards in my kitchen and if I am really truthful (don't tell my husband) you will also find two (OK three) of his funky bangles in my jewellery collection.

It was a beautiful exhibit and I came away very inspired in my own little way.

I look forward to seeing what next months exhibit brings.

Do you pop out to see what's happening in your local area?

Do you love hand crafted goodies?

Do you take your Nan/Gran/Great Gran out and about?


  1. nice stuffs! all look cool and vintage!


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