Monday, August 19, 2013


On Sunday I had the privilege of attending a cooking class at The Red Feather Inn. The class I attended was "Perfect Pasta", I sometimes make fresh pasta at home, but it is never as perfect as I would like it and its always great to learn new tips and tricks. 

Lovely Louis was our teacher for the day, along with his wife Katrina and there were eight students who settled in for the day in one of The Red Feather Inn's exquisite buildings.

We started off making a basic pasta dough and then through out the day turned our doughs into fettuccine, ravioli, lasagne sheets, garganelli's, green spinach and kale pasta and more. 

 We made delicious sauces and filled our ravioli's with to die for combinations such as slow roasted beef cheek, spinach and ricotta and roasted pumpkin, sweet potato and coriander.

After making different dishes, we sat around with a glass of wine and ate our beautiful creations while it poured outside. It was with out a doubt, my favourite way to spend a rainy Sunday, cooking, drinking and eating! Bliss.

The Red Feather Inn has a huge array of fantastic cooking classes such as Smoking and Curing, Sausage Making, Truffle foraging and cooking and so many more, I know I will be back again, perhaps for the Spanish Paella class? 

Do you make fresh pasta at home?

Do you have a favourite pasta recipe to share?

Did you do something exciting this Sunday?

Happy Cooking! x


  1. gosh that looks like an ace way to spend a Sunday, everything looks so delicious and real. Yum!

  2. This sounds fantastic! And it ALL looks so delicious. I hope you got to take some home!

  3. Oh YUM! This is making my mouth water even though I've just had dinner. I've had my eye on a seafood cooking course. I think you've just inspired girl!

    Sophie xo

  4. {}
    I am just wiping the drool of my chin as I look at your fantastic photos. xx

  5. Oh man! That looks like a fabulous day!
    I have never tackled homemade pasta but one day I would love to!

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