Monday, August 12, 2013


On Saturday we piled everyone into our new four wheel drive and decided to head to the snow for a little adventure.

Our location of choice was Ben Lomond as we can see it covered in snow from our house and Poppy is always asking when we can go.

 Once we got to the top of the mountain visibility was very low and we could only see a few meters in front of ourselves, the wind was crazy so the pictures are a bit dodgy, due to my camera being covered in snow the second I got it out.  

Snow men were made, toboggans were ridden, hot chips and coco were devoured and toes and fingers were frozen.

Once again I feel so luck to live in a place where we can be up the mountain having a snow adventure one day and collecting shells on the beach the next.

Have you visited my little island home, Tasmania? It really is beautiful.

Happy Monday. x


  1. i didn' t realise you also had snowy mountains in Tasmania too! i can't wait to visit, one day x

  2. {}
    I just posted this morning how amazing our weather has been (nearly 30 yday!)....but I will say your photos look fantastic for kids-fun. I know my boys would love that so much. Might need to consider a TAS trip next winter!! xx

  3. Hot chips and coco are the best part of days in the snow!
    I grew up in the snow and it was always a treat to go skiing and get fries and hot chocolate at the end of the day!
    You are definitely making lovely memories...


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