Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Taking stock

PIP has me taking stock this week. 

Making : A mess... Poppy always painting, crafting, drawing under my feet

Cooking : Beetroot... I'm happy to still be getting loads from the garden
Drinking : Peppermint tea
Reading: Vantastic (Of course)
Wanting: A shower alone once and a while
Looking: On the map to follow Granny and Pop's travels
Playing: John Butler Trio... Always
Wasting: Nothing, waste is a nasty word in our house
Sewing: Some moccasins for Rory
Wishing: The day's were longer
Enjoying: Having Tommy home for a week
Waiting: For my motivation to come back
Liking: Lemon Crisp biscuits, a bit too much
Wondering: How long my garden can handle all this rain
Loving: Having a baby sitter a few times a week
Hoping: My sour dough comes out perfect
Marvelling: That the twins will be 2 in a few weeks 
Needing: A nap
Smelling: Hot bread
Wearing: My at home 'uniform', tights and a day dress, the perfect target for spew, snot, milk, food...
Following: The adorable photos over at Lamb Loves Fox
Noticing: The scales slowly going down
Knowing: Tomorrow we are going out for dinner and, I can't wait!
Thinking: Of all the things I should be doing.
Feeling: Tired, always tired!
Bookmarking: Slow cooker recipes
Opening: ASOS packages daily (Don't tell my husband!)
Giggling: At my nudie, giggling twins

You can join in over at Meet Me at Mikes.

Now to try that sour dough! xx


  1. Everything seems so cozy and wintery and warm and delsih at yours.
    I can almost smell it.
    Have fun at dinner tomorrow night. xx

  2. {www.crazyspeedylove.com}
    Toasting Marshmallows - I love that! We did that at Camping not that long ago and my boys still take about it.
    Do you have a fresh beetroot recipe to share?

  3. I hear you about wanting to shower alone and there never being enough time in the day!
    And please tell me more about those lemon crisp biscuits!


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