Sunday, September 1, 2013

Weekly Stills

We spent time with Granny and Pop after they arrived home from a 6 week adventure around Australia.

She sold ice creams (very expensive ones at that)

We warmed up with a Thermos of hot milo and mini marshmallows at the farm.

They played 'farmers' on the back of the ute.

They enjoyed the slide.

She found a birds nest.

We visited the design centre

 They got new trikes
 She played shops

They celebrated their 2nd Birthday! ...(well if I'm being honest their birthday is tomorrow but in our family the day you celebrate is your special day.)

We also celebrated fathers day, no photos just yet.

It's been a big week with Rory and Alexis starting swimming lessons, Granny and Pop returning home, school, farm visits, one sick child, my two turning two and a party to celebrate.


This week we are ready to enjoy all that spring has to offer. Hopefully a quiet day in there somewhere.

Happy Sunday!...

And Happy Fathers Day!


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