Tuesday, October 15, 2013


My biggest girl turned 5 last Wednesday, we celebrated with a pizza dinner and cake with her grandparents. Even though she had a great day and was spoilt rotten, she was still counting down the days, what was she looking forward to more than her birthday you may ask? All her friends coming to her house for a princess themed birthday bash. We had been talking about it for what seemed like months, she had picked out her dress and shoes, we had bought every pink party item known to man, made a piñata, wrapped up the pass the parcel and made all the girls beautiful crowns.
The more pink I bought and the more I bedazzled and glittered the more I kept saying to myself "If you can't have an all out princess party when you turn 5, when can you"?

Party food included, star shaped fairy bread, little pink puddings, colourful merangues, star shaped watermelons, blueberries, and some party pies and sausage rolls for a bit of warmth on the chilly day.
The castle cake was made by Poppy and I and even though it turned out a bit (ok a lot) wonky, we were proud of our efforts. I was especially proud of myself to resits the urge to smooth out fondant and straighten cones as Poppy stood back and looked at her creation with great pride.

Rory wasn't to keen on all the girls screaming and playing with his toys, but was delighted when he found all the cake they had left over.

There are 9 girls in Poppy's class at school so it was hard to believe when they all got an invite to another princess party on the same day, in the afternoon, for another little girl in her class, how lucky were they all to have such a princess themed day. I know my little princess slept well that night!

Oh and wasn't that just yesterday I was bringing my tiny new born home from the hospital? 

Five years sure have flown!


  1. aww, congratulations, it looks like a wonderful party. I'm filing the melon stars idea away for future reference, as we have a pink party coming up in a few weeks time...

  2. Happy Birthday to your daughter!!! That party was so pretty. The cake, the food, the bags. My youngest turns 2 next week, so we'll have a party next week. Afraid there won't be a lick of pink or a wand in sight.
    P.S.- Hats off to you parenting 3 so close in age. I'm a twin and have a sister 18 months older- don't know how my mother did it!


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