Monday, October 21, 2013

My latest loves...

Little bits and pieces that I'm loving at the moment...

Asparagus, fresh from the garden. Cooked in a little butter then served with fresh cracked pepper.

Sprinkles in, on and around everything.

 Tea, black, no sugar.

The smell of spiced berries and pomegranate filling the house

 The new lime flavoured lightly sparkling Mount Franklin

 Our so purple they're are almost blue Iris'

 Jaffles*, filled with egg, spaghetti, cheese, avo, chicken, ham, beans, relish, spinach, jam, carrot, cream cheese**... Yum! 

*I feel like a public service announcement needs to be made, did you know you can grab yourself a smart little Jaffle cooker for $7.50 from K-Mart? Yes I said $7.50! That's couch change!

**Not all these fillings go in together, or they can, what ever floats your boat I guess. 

What are you loving lately? x 


  1. Lol I'm glad you cleared that up I was starting to think my god how are you fitting all that in the one jaffle?! (Flavour combination didn't even cross my mind!!)


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