Monday, November 4, 2013


A morning spent at the berry farm, the first pick of the season, we got in early (they were putting the sign out as we pulled up) as I knew it wouldn't take long for the strawberries to be all 'picked' out. 

We 'quality tested' a few and took almost four kilos home, after a quick stop at the shop to get some cream we headed back home, the back seat was full of red strawberry covered faces and tired eyes.

We have plenty of strawberry plants ourselves but no red ones yet.

We love our strawberries fresh, with cream and icing sugar, on weetbix, in smoothies and we made the most amazing cheese cake and macadamia log coved in Strawberries.

How do you like your strawberries?


  1. I like strawberries any way I can get them!
    We went strawberry picking when we were home in the States and it was wonderful...there is something special about eating a strawberry still warm from the sun!

  2. That cheesecake and macadamia log looks amazing!! My husband is on call next week and it looks like the perfect treat to curl up in bed with and read a book!


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