Sunday, November 3, 2013

Weekly Stills

We tie-dyed.

Tommy and I attended the most beautiful wedding.

We wandered.

We caught up with friends and enjoyed a Pimms in the sun.

 We picked (and ate) almost four kilos of strawberries.

I gardened while they collected flowers.

We feasted on pork.

We have a long weekend where we are so tomorrow is another day of leisure, we may attend a local craft fair... or we may not, depending on how we feel.

Not packing our bags and heading away has been the best decision I have made in a long time, the yard looks amazing, we have eaten well, caught up with friends, napped in the afternoons and even watched a movie with the kids last night. Bliss!

I hope your feeling as relaxed as me.

I had better go, I can hear Poppy telling Rory the soap smells delicious, and that maybe he should have a try.

Happy Sunday! x


  1. So much sunshine and colour here! I'm a little jealous, it feels like a full Scottish winter is coming early. I got into bed last night with my dressing gown on, a little over dramatic probably.... Looks like a truly lovely week. xx

  2. That roast looks amazing!
    As do the strawberries.
    And the Pimms!

  3. What a perfect looking week. Fresh strawberried. Pimms. Camellias. Pork. YUM!


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