Wednesday, December 4, 2013


My strong willed, smart, cheeky, cuddly, clever little girl. 

Happy to play quietly alone or destroy everything in her path.

She can turn on the tears as fast as she can turn them off.

She knows the words "I wub you Mummy" can melt my heart and has used it to get out of many sticky situations. 

She is often found poking her brother with a huge stick or sitting on the change table dumping a whole container of talcum powder out.

She will keep the whole house up looking for her "baby" for hours only to remember it's in a box somewhere.

She draws circles.... only circles, not always only on paper, the walls, TV, car, doors and books have all been victims. 

She is a fast learner and loves to mimic her older sister or me.

She is a Dad's girl, oh boy is she a Daddy's girl, the squeals of delight when he comes home is amazing.

Without a doubt I say her name a hundred more times a day than the other two... "Alexis don't..."

She totally makes me believe that you are born a certain way, you are who you are and nature is a whole lot stronger than nurture. 

Do you have a strong willed child in your family?

Do you think nature is stronger than nurture?


  1. Lovely photos...and words.
    I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!


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