Friday, December 6, 2013

Meeting her idol

You have totally heard of The Wiggles right?

I certainly have, Poppy is so in love with the new, ballet dancing, bow loving yellow Wiggle, Emma. She dresses up like her, mimics her dance moves and wears bows in her hair just like Emma, any chance she gets.

Before the new Wiggles came along, they didn't get much of a look in around here, my three would dance to a few songs but nothing like the craziness we experiance now.

So when I saw that The Wiggles were bringing their "Ready, Steady, Wiggle" tour to our town I knew I would have to be right infront of the computer at 8.59am the day they went on sale.

We got a great set of tickets and gave them to Poppy for her birthday a few weeks later, she was so excited but had to wait two months until they came.

After counting down the weeks and days, practicing her dance moves, making a sign, laying out her Emma costume and tweeting and Instagraming Emma the day finally came. 

We have a very small theatre in Launceston so we were nice and close. The show was great and Emma pointed out the sign Poppy had made from the stage and during the performance came to talk to Poppy and say how much she loved her outfit and the sign she made for her. She kept waving and giving Poppy the 'thumbs up' from the stage, it was all very exciting!

The most exciting part??... Meeting Emma after the show! 
She was so lovely and had a little talk to Poppy, and said she loved seeing her in the crowd dressed up as her.

We took some photos and Emma got me to take a photo of them both on her phone, which she later posted to her Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!!

Poppy hasn't stopped smiling since and keeps asking to look at my camera so she can see the photos.

She will remember this day for a long time and I'm so proud of her for choosing such a lovely role model to look up to.

Happy Friday! x


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