Wednesday, February 5, 2014

School 2014

Today Poppy started prep which is the start of her full time schooling, no more 2.5 days a week like last year, my girl now goes the full 5 days and I'm sure she will totally love it. 

Yesterday being the last day of her 7 week school holidays we utilised our precious time to the fullest. She had French toast for breakfast (her favourite), we walked to the park, baked lunch box goodies, made her lunch box up for her first day, painted her toenails (very important for the first day of school apparently), laid out her clothes and bag and had her favourite stir fry noodles for dinner.

This morning she took it all in her stride, excited to start the new school year and excited to see her bestie.

Me? Well I got home and baked my girls favourite cake for after dinner tonight, missing her already perhaps?

How did your little one go on their first day? 
How did you go on their first day?

Happy New School Year!! x


  1. It's such a big day for all! We were in the same position last year and thankfully Ruby was just the same as Poppy and loved it from the start, she was so ready to go. 12 months on and the first day of grade 1 was more like first day after holidays - no biggie. I definitely wasn't crying in the courtyard as she went into class this time round! x


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