Monday, February 24, 2014

Straw Necklaces

I have been so sick for the past 48 hours. Even with the best Mum and Mother in law anyone could ever ask for (cooking dinner, doing washing, making school lunches, bathing babes.....) I still need some easy, effective activities to keep my little ones active while I moan on the couch.

These paper straw necklaces are perfect for little fingers, lets them work on their fine motor skills and they look great to!

I have a bunch left over so Poppy can make one when she gets home from school and wants to play. (My Mum is picking her up also, how lucky am I!)

Oh and as a foot note, if your babes eat watermelon while making pretty necklaces it will mess up their clothes and therefore mess up the photo shoot... I really am to ill to care.



  1. Goodness, you are a good mummy. I don't think you'd catch me doing craft with my kids if I'm feeling under the weather. I hope you feel better soon.
    PS Your babes have the dreamiest blue eyes - it's no wonder you want to dish up fun activities for them. Such angels x


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