Thursday, March 27, 2014

Egg heads

A fun little Easter craft, eat delicious hard boiled eggs (with soldiers, of course) for breakfast, wash out the empty egg shells. 

Glue on googly eyes, draw on other features, fill with soil and top with seeds that will make your little egg heads 'hair', we had some left over lawn seed, which is fantastic for impatient little ones as it almost grows over night. Sprout seeds would work well also and you could nibble on them when they have grown.

This craft worked well for all three of my little crafters, Poppy took great pride in making her egg have the perfect face, and being neat and tidy, she also loved helping Rory and Alexis, and was in charge of the spray bottle to water the egg heads.

In hindsight, I probably should have done the craft outside, those little fingers had a hard time keeping the soil in the egg, but a little mess never hurt anyone.

Happy Thursday! x


  1. Amazing…I am sure I would end up with about a dozen broken eggs shells and grass growing in my kitchen!
    And those look like some big eggs!


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