Monday, March 31, 2014


About twenty minutes from where we live is Hollybank forest reserve, the most beautiful area to spend the day. We always find ourselves there on chilly days, rugged up and exploring what the forest has to offer. This Saturday while Tommy was at work I took my three for a little adventure, in the morning we made banana choc chip muffins and when they were done, we wrapped them up so they kept nice and warm and headed to Hollybank. We kicked the ball, found spots where we thought fairies might live, sang songs, "cooee'd", collected forest treasures, walked the beautiful tracks and finally stopped for our morning tea. 
After another explore and play we headed back home with fists full of Autumn leaves and tired little legs.

A lovely way to spend a chilly morning.

Happy Monday! x

{Hollybank is also the home of the fantastic Treetop Adventures, if you're visiting Tassie its a must!}


  1. We aren't far from Hollybank and yet we haven't been for ages. I must admit, at this time of the year I start hibernating... I really should toughen up a little huh??


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