Tuesday, March 11, 2014

One on One

Inspired by Jodi's post here I planned a little day on Monday with just Poppy and Tommy and I.

My lovely Mum watched the twins for the day and we headed off to Bridport which is about an hour away for lunch at The Lost Farm. Where we also met Poppy's other grandparents and Great Gran ("GG"). After a beautiful lunch with the most amazing views we stopped in at one of the little beaches so my girl could have a splash about before we headed back home.

The best part of our time together was chatting away in the car, no cheeky toddlers to attend to, feed, change, give toys too. I loved hearing stories about school, her friends, what she might take for show and tell and what life is like through the eyes of my caring little 5 year old.

The best way to end our long weekend.

Happy Tuesday! x

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  1. That first photo is lovely - one for a frame I'd say!!


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