Monday, April 14, 2014


As a nominee of the Kidspot voices of 2014 I was invited to attend a blogging "school" and the official launch party in Sydney over the weekend. So I stuffed as much as I could into a tiny carry on bag, and headed to Sydney on Friday morning. I had a little time to look around the beautiful (yet very muggy and drizzly) city before settling into the hotel, going out for dinner and then getting a good nights sleep (that's right, no waking up through the night for the twins) before a big day on Saturday.

The school went for four hours with a couple of breaks for lunch and to mingle with the room full of amazing bloggers. Some of the speakers included Katrina from The Organised Housewife , Beth from BabyMac,  Sneh from Cook Republic, Jaclyn from The Blog Society and of course many more. We took notes (boy did I take notes), had a fantastic lunch, chatted with other bloggers and left with a huge goody bag. The perfect way to spend a rainy Sydney day.

That night we all got dressed up and headed to the official launch of Voices 2014. The cocktail party was in a beautiful studio in the city and as Ford is the major sponsor of Voices there were three beautiful Ford's in the room for us to check out, we heard of Ford's plans to work with bloggers to "Paint the town Ford", which I'm sure you will hear more about in the coming months. We enjoyed delicious canapes and cocktails and I enjoyed every minute of talking to like minded Australian bloggers.

I had a fantastic weekend but I was looking forward to flying home (even though our flight was first thing in the morning) to see my family, as it's not often I am away from them all.

Most of the photos are from my phone, sorry for the grainy quality. x


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