Tuesday, May 27, 2014


They all made their own kites, Rory and Alexis' were a little easier, drawing on some paper plates, choosing some colors for streamers and helping cut and tie strings. Poppy's was a lot more detailed, measuring, cutting, finding sticks, putting it all together and making it as pretty as possible, of course. 

We headed to the local footy ground to try them out, Alexis was with out a doubt the most enthusiastic, she ran and ran, giggling and watching the streamers fly in the wind. Poppy was more of a problem solver, we worked out why her kite wasn't the best it could be, some longer string next time perhaps? Rory wasn't interested in his kite at all, instead interested in the large red squid kite we also took along, running the length of the field over and over, watching it fly, he kept asking for me to look at him and wanted to show me how clever he was to be flying the big boy kite.

The perfect day with my creative three.

Have you been creating lately?

Happy Tuesday. x


  1. what a fun craft to do! they look like they're loving it!


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