Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Making: The most of any piece of sunshine we get.

Cooking: Scones for afternoon tea with some of our homemade jams.
Drinking: Tea, there is always a cold one sitting about somewhere.
Reading: New blogs and some old faves to. (Check out Share Sunday)
Wanting: A full nights sleep (Yawn)
Looking: Currently at the gums bashing in the wind out our living room window.
Playing: "Guess who" with Poppy.

Wasting: Time changing Alexis' outfit four or more times a day.
Sewing: Lately most the sewing/mending gets palmed off to my lovely Mum. (What would I do without her?)
Wishing: For more hours in the day.

Enjoying: The school holidays and spending time with my biggest girl.
Waiting: For Poppy to wake up so we can start our day.
Liking: This little stunner
Wondering: What to make for dinner. This perhaps?
Loving: Listening to Rory speak more and more each day.
Hoping: It stays dry for just a few more days.

Marveling: At the seasons change.
Needing: A hair cut, badly.
Smelling: Last nights nann bread.
Wearing: These boots, day in day out, oh my the comfort.
Following: The new Foxs Lane facebook.
Noticing: The days getting shorter.
Knowing: The preparation is the key to not being so stressed.
Thinking: I need to spend more time cleaning up the garden. 
Bookmarking: This Blog and The Forestry Tasmania site for great family bush walks in our state.

Opening: Jars of passata (already).
Giggling: As I have the 'tired sillies".
Feeling: Overwhelmed at the thought of packing up and moving soon.

Happy Tuesday. x

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I love that you have stopped by, and love reading your thoughts and opions, thanks for sharing. xx