Sunday, May 18, 2014

Weekly Stills

She read him bed time stories.

We explored the wet lands.

We found love in nature.

 I baked...

and made bread.

We made the most of cold mornings.

 They made pizzas.

They swam.

I made creme brulee for the first time... and nailed it!

OK, it's been cold enough now thank you, I really try and embrace the seasons but these short, cold days are getting old, there are only so many ways you can keep two 2 year olds entertained inside day after day. 

We explored some local wet lands, baked a bit, went to the pool, and headed off to do a walk at some local falls, but the three in the back fell asleep, so Tommy and I stopped at a little country pub for some hot chips and drinks by the big wood fire instead, a rare win for us!

This week we need to get stuck into a bit more packing, it really is a shitty job but a little bit every now and then helps, and I'm selling and donating lots of baby items we don't use anymore, so a clean out is always good.

I hope you had a lovely Sunday, and perhaps had a win of your own this week?

Happy days! xx

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