Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Wet lands

The rustle of the reid's, chirping of baby chicks and flapping of birds hiding in the long grass were all noises my two pointed out whilst walking the wet lands board walk, 10 minutes drive from our home.

The wet lands walk to Tamar Island is about one and a half hours return, the board walk is very wide and flat making it perfect for the double pram, and also perfect for my little ones to walk and run as there aren't any side tracks they can disappear on, it's large enough so they don't get in anyone's way, the bridges have railing and great viewing platforms so they could climb up and see the wild life.

I love rugging up and exploring our beautiful part of the state in Autumn, making the most of the outdoors before the rain and freezing cold sets in. In the mornings we head out on an activity and in the afternoons we settle in for an indoors activity and collect Poppy from school.

Soon I will be lugging the twins around the indoor play centers, aquatics center, library, museum and other warm indoor places, but I will be dreaming of the beaches and sunny summer days where we are outside till late, cooking outside and my three spend most days half naked under the hose.

Happy Tuesday! x


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