Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Weekly Stills

He drank all the coconut water.

He also had a trip to the hospital (not coconut water related).

I baked for the school cake stall.

They ate the cake stall goodies.

I ate yummy salads.

I had a sushi and juice date with my biggest girl.

We admired Granny Vic's heirloom silver-beets.

She enjoyed the tree swing.

We nibbled on pizza zucchinis.

We made Mexican.

I had a Mexican and Margarita date with this fool.

She taught her bad habits.

We packed, and then packed some more.

He gardened.

A little late this week, but what a week it has been, we are on the tail end of moving, eating dinner on the couch and using clothes we have packed in bags as everything else has gone, bring on Saturday and our first night in our new place.

All three children were ill this week but poor Rory was the worst, he had a little trip to hospital with croup, asthma, a chest and ear infection, poor little guy. Long nights with Alexis also having croup and an ear infection.

Oh and to top off the week, we got a phone call when hoping into bed on Monday night telling my husband not to come into work the next day as the large company he was working for went into receivership. Bonza.

 Like I said... bring on Saturday!


Joining in with Em.


  1. What a huge week your family have had...not good news for hubby and his work...maybe an opportunity to get a better job although I'm sure it was not something in your plans...always a shock to families. Have a good week and moving/unpacking. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  2. Oh gosh - you have a lot on your plate. I'm sure everything will work out :) Deep breaths! Goodluck with the move Holli x


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