Wednesday, July 23, 2014


I love how children make the most out of even the simplest things in life, a walk down the river with the dog turns into a picnic as per Poppy's request. 

We brain storm great ideas for a winter picnic and pack the kettle for hot chocolates, a thermos full of chicken soup, some walnuts that the children love to crack and we take a fresh loaf of bread straight from the oven.

My three pick the large reeds by the river, to chase and tickle each other with, have 'sword' fights, and walk through them like they are in the jungle.

The twins collect pine cones and Poppy tells them they are pineapples and that they should make a cake, the next 30 minutes is spent finding more 'ingredients' for their cakes and making creations and imaginary cups of tea while I set up lunch. 

We pick blue gum to fill our vases at home, fill our basket full of pine cones for the pizza oven and take some photos in the gorgeous winter sun.

With all the fun and exciting things we had organised for Poppy to do over her school holidays, I was surprised at her answer when I asked her on the way to school yesterday what her favorite part of the holidays was, "the picnic day we had at the river" she said with a smile. All though I'm not sure why I'm surprised, it was my favorite day too. 


  1. What do you do with pine cones and the pizza oven? I love the simple things with kids, walks in the parks and a bit of sunshine does wonders for the soul


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