Sunday, July 20, 2014

Weekly Stills

They explored.

We enjoyed a picnic in the winter sun.

We made Rosemary and cheese damper.

We collected sticks in the fog.

The girls picked me flowers.

She enjoyed her last week of school holidays.

He 'helped' me stack wood.

She rock climbed like a champ with Daddy.

We have had a lovely week, a few beautiful sunny days which we made the most of. Poppy was spoilt with lots of school holiday activities, rock climbing with Tom, mini golf with Gran and Papa, a sleep over and going our for meals.

Tommy spent the day in the bush four wheel driving yesterday so the children and I had a lovely picnic by the river and ran and ran with the dog until they were exhausted.

We were hoping to get up to the snow this weekend, but ran out of time, how lucky to be so busy with friends, family and activities that we just can't do it all. 

The snow will have to wait, and perhaps a few loads of washing can wait too.

I'm off to enjoy a drink in the sun.

Happy Sunday xx

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