Sunday, July 27, 2014

Weekly Stills

They painted in the sun.

The wattle trees bloomed.

I made apricot slice.

We had lunch in the park.

She picked wattle.

He watched the trucks from below the bridge.

This week has flown by, we are back into the full swing of school routine and the twins had a rough week getting use to Poppy not being here through the day.

We had a lot of appointments and errands that kept us busy, last night Tom and I went out for dinner with his sister and her partner which was lovely, to be able to sit in a restaurant and enjoy a meal was amazing! One of the things I took for granted before having twins.

Not too much planned for the week ahead, just see where the days take us, between the usual of course. 



  1. The wattle is amazing here too
    Boys and trucks - what's that about??

  2. The wattle tree looks of my favourite flowers. Your dinner out sounds lovely...yes, things of the past when kiddies are around. Have a great week. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  3. Great shots. I LOVE the dramatic wattle tree blooming too! Found you through The Beetle Shack.
    xx. Jen


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