Thursday, September 11, 2014


We recently had the chance to try out some of the great products from Dettol. It has been the perfect time of year to try out these products as my kitchen needed a good spring clean which these products really helped me with.
The Power and Pure multi-purpose spray was perfect for cleaning our stove top, oven door, floors and left the kitchen sink sparkling like never before. This will be a product I will be purchasing in the future as it removed stains that no other product has been able to shift.
I'm a huge fan of wipes as I'm often cleaning up messes in between other jobs and the convenience of being able to throw away the wipes makes my job as a busy Mum easier (and who doesn't want that). I used these mainly for the bin and bin cupboard, I don't like the idea of using cloths for such a germ filled place in the kitchen and these multi-purpose wipes are perfect for cleaning these stubborn stains and placing in the bin afterwards to reduce contamination. I also found them useful for spills on the bench tops and use one to give the kitchen sink and drain a quick wipe over in between a bigger clean.
Dettol's delicious range of hand washes are perfect for our house hold with plenty of dirty little hands that need washing over 15 times a day. With outdoor play, gardening, baking and the usual children mess. We have been trying out the Rose and Cherry foam wash which smells and feels amazing and the Raspberry and pomegranate anti-bacterial hand wash which kills up to 99.9% of germs, which as a Mum puts my mind at ease.
Dettol had a wide range of personal hygiene products to help protect your family against the spread of germs. From soaps to personal cleaning products you'll find one that's fit for your family here.

Over all I found the Dettol products were easy to use, smelt amazing (the hand washes), were family friendly and did the job they were meant to do. I will be buying Dettol cleaning products and hand washes in the future, knowing they are a brand I can trust.


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