Sunday, September 14, 2014

Weekly Stills

We made delicious pear and raspberry loaf.

We started having more salads as the days got longer.

We made rice paper rolls.

He rode his trike.

She spent the weekend at the beach with Granny and Papa

We went to the pool.

We made after dinner treats.

She collected shells on the beach.

The daisies gave us a delightful show.

Poppy spent the weekend with her Grandparents down the coast so we got out and about with the twins, taking them to the pool, parks, cooking, and gardening. Today Tommy has been off four wheel driving for the day, so I took the twins to the market for the best Bangladesh donuts ever, it's always a little crazy taking the twins anywhere without the pram by myself but was totally worth it.

Tonight everyone is tired and we are starting to count down until the next school holidays (2 weeks away).

I hope you had a great week, I would love to check out your week in photos, so add the link to your blog below and I will come check it out.

Happy Sunday. xx


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