Sunday, September 28, 2014

Weekly Stills

We made strawberry and coconut ice creams.

She played with her buddy Whistler.

They enjoyed molding goop.

She made and enjoyed strawberry smoothies.

We walked new streets in our neighborhood. 

My friend Anna made us the most delicious salads I had ever tasted.

We ordered fish and chips for a treat.

They picnicked

They watched the lambs feed.

He collected treasure on the beach.

She went to a birthday party at an awesome tube sliding park.

The start of the school holidays has gone off with a bang, after school Friday we headed to Hobart for two nights to visit family and friends.

We rushed home early this morning so Poppy could attend a birthday party which was at an awesome outdoor tube sliding park which we hadn't been to before and will be back to.

It was great to catch up with friends yesterday and watching the AFL grand final in the afternoon. 

Tomorrow when the official holidays start I plan to have a slow morning relishing in the fact I don't have to get three little ones early to leave the house early in the morning.

I hope you are having a lovely Sunday.



  1. Your photos ALWAYS make me hungry Holli! Those strawberry and coconut ice-creams look delicious, as do those salads!!!! Your twins are looking so much older all of a sudden. Lovely photos. We had a relaxing lazy Sunday...and our week was filled with time in nature.

  2. those littles...
    such great style! : )
    and, those salads,
    always awesome here, holli


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