Monday, October 27, 2014

Catching up

I have been a little absent from this space lately, maybe because I'm tired, Maybe because every time I sit down some one wants something, maybe because the weather is nicer and I'm having less time inside, maybe I'm getting a little lazy with Instagram and it's just so easy to upload photos with the push of a button when I'm waiting at school pick up, folding the washing or waiting at the doctor.

What ever the reason, I do love blogging and hopefully I will get out of this blogging 'funk' soon, we have been busy never the less so here is a few photos of what we have been up to lately, hopefully some more posts come soon.
We have been gardening.


Watching the tomato seedling grow.

Bike riding.

Noticing the gorgeous blossoms.

Making new recipes, like cauliflower pizza crust, yum!

Enjoying ice creams in the sun.

Being totally adorable.

Making fresh pasta.

We had a visit to our local show.

We ate our first strawberries for the season.

And watered.

Lots of gardening, cooking and watching the seasons changing.

What have you been up to lately?

Hopefully I will be back soon.

Holli x

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  1. Hi Holli. Yes, it's easy to get into a blogging funk...and instagram and Facebook don't help because they are so ...well...instant. And easy. Great stills though. Love your girls' lemon yellow sandals :)


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