Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Toilet training twins // Harpic

Toilet training twins was never going to be easy, toilet training one little one is a challenge let alone two and let alone one being a boy and one being a girl. 

Never the less, I can't hold off any more, the weather is warming up which means a little extra washing from 'accidents' will be easily done and dried in no time.

We didn't use a potty with Poppy and we aren't using one for the twins either, I'm not keen on them and we find the little seats that fit into the regular toilet work fine.

Of course with toilet training there is going to be a little mess and that's where Harpic comes in, we already use and are very happy with products like their cleaning liquids, but I have been looking for something quick, easy and sanitary to clean up little 'spills' and having recently tried the Harpic flushable toilet wipes, they are the perfect wipe to clean up any mess made from toilet training and being flushable means no soaking and washing of cloths, which makes my life so much easier. 

We also use Harpic's toilet blocks, which have been a bit of a novelty with the twins, as they love the blue water and always enjoying telling me when one is running out. They keep the toilet looking fresh and clean in between cleans.

I asked some of my readers their top toilet training tips to help me along and I thought I would share the top three:

"We made up a toilet song that we sang every time our daughter sat on the toilet. She loved it. When she finished, we would sing a different song, saying what she had done. It wasn't too long before she used the toilet every time." Christie 

"It just needs a lot of praise when they do it right and a relaxed 'oh dear, never mind' if they get it wrong. My little one was put off if I made a big deal of accidents and didn't want to try again." Sally 

"I let my son choose some undies with his favorite character, Thomas the Tank Engine, on them. Then I told him not to get Thomas wet. It worked really well!" Maria 

Do you have any great toilet training tips? I would love to hear.



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