Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Christmas paper and bows.

 I have finally come to terms with the fact Christmas is just around the corner and have started getting some bits and pieces ready. I always love having the children paint large rolls of brown or white paper in Christmas colors for wrapping paper and this year is no different.

Today we used A3 paper, as its a great size for lots of smaller presents and not so messy to handle, as they can sit at a table and paint and stamp away (as apposed to the large rolls of paper we usually roll out on the grass)

Rory and Alexis used cookie cutter shapes and some milk bottle lids to stamp away till their hearts content.

While their beautiful creations dried we worked on some pretty paper bows to top our presents, templates are easy to find and even easier to follow but the one we used is here.

Overall I'm happy with how our pretty presents turned out and I have lot of paper to get me started on gifts for Christmas.

Now to start my Christmas shopping.



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