Wednesday, November 5, 2014


I have been following Alex's "No spend November" over at her blog, so I have been looking for some crafts to do that are no cost, and these sweet little crowns were perfect.

As someone that loves crafting, I had all the materials laying around the house so the craft didn't cost me a cent.

We cut out our little crowns from toilet roll cylinders. 

Sprayed them with some different colors I had sitting in the shed.

Added different size elastics so the crowns will fit different toys, teddies and of course the children.

Then my very uncooperative models let me take a few photos.

Then we set up a tea party for our toys and their lovely crowns, unfortunately I couldn't take photos of said tea party as juggling 3 year old twins, teddies, dolly's, crowns, biscuits, pikelets, jam, milk and a camera is impossible. 

These crowns would be perfect sprayed pink for a gorgeous princess themed birthday party or even making them a bit smaller for cupcake toppers.

So there you have it, an easy, fun craft that didn't cost a cent!

Happy Wednesday. xx


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