Monday, November 17, 2014

Weekly Stills

The asparagus popped up

Poppy and Tom went to see The Wiggles 

Five baby chicks hatched

They collected pine cones

Potatoes grew

He played in the washing

She posted her letters to Santa

We enjoyed morning walks

We did some Christmas crafting

Papa had a birthday.

Another fantastic, full on week. Tommy is still away working, so it's even more full on with all three kiddies on my own. We had a fun weekend with Poppy going to The Wiggles and she was so excited to get a few mentions through the show due to her sign and photos he sent Emma Wiggle before hand.

We also got in early this year and posted our letters to Santa which has gotten us in the Christmas mood, every year Christmas gets better and better for us with the twins starting to understand what is actually going on.

Happy Monday! xx


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