Monday, December 1, 2014

Glitter globes

Happy 1st of December! 

It's a rainy, muggy day here with a bit of thunder and lighting every now and then which gives the twins a chance to squeal with excitement.

I thought I would share the craft we did yesterday as it would be perfect for a rainy day. Pretty glitter globes which are a bit 'Christmassy', considering the big fella is only 24 days off coming. 
You will need jars, any size will work but we used little baby food jars, glitter, a hot glue gun, something to put in your glitter globes, we used plastic animals but mini Christmas trees or snow men would work well, and water.

We glued our animals onto the inside of the jar lids.

Covered the bottom of the jars with glitter, we used Christmas colors.

Added water and turned upside down ready for a good shake!!

Shake Shake.

An easy, pretty little craft that we made using items we had around the home.

Happy Days. x


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