Tuesday, January 6, 2015


 Over these holidays we spent a few nights away camping with friends. With little children it's always such a big task to pack up to go away for a few nights, even more so when camping. I always make sure to pack lots of activities to keep my three entertained in the car and plenty of drinks and food so they aren't "starrrrving" when we get there.
Even though I was so frustrated with myself for forgetting to bring the memory card for my camera, I did take these few photos on my phone.

While camping we got some crazy hot temperatures for Tasmania (36 deg plus), which made for some hot and bothered children. We camped a short walk from the river, which was nice and safe for the children to swim in, and the children had a few camp showers to keep them cool through the afternoon.

We had a little day trip to some local falls, through a small, easy but overgrown track. It was very hot and the children did a great job walking in the heat, the gorgeous waterfall at the end was worth it, and swimming in the cool water was a relief from the heat.

Of course after camping and exploring for a few days we were all exhausted and I spent the few days after washing and getting back to normal.

We are off again in a few weeks for the Australia day weekend. I should be back to normal by then.

Did you go away for the holidays?



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