Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Being the summer holidays we have been keeping busy with lots of fun in the sun and activities to keep my three active.
Here a some photos from the last few weeks, we don't seem to be slowing down anytime soon and I quite like it.

We have been spending time at the river, boating and playing with friends.

We attended a concert on New Years day with Xavier Rudd and Ash Grunwald playing in our gorgeous Launceston gorge which we are lucky enough to have on our door step.

The veggie garden has been giving us the goods with lots of beautiful fresh produce and eggs.

I have been running every day and recording my progress with the Nike Plus app getting ready for a 5k run I have coming up.

I have enjoyed spending time with this guy, this time two years ago he was hopping on a plane for another long (3 month) stint away in the mines, we are so lucky to have him home and spending time with him over the holidays.

We have been doing holiday craft and activities like the golden oldie, scavenger hunt bags. (Great to take camping also.)

We have been spending time together in the kitchen, making fun, easy, healthy, snacks like these 'rocket kebabs'.

We have been cooking up a storm on the deck in the pizza oven.

I have been making lots of smoothies for great on the run treats as we come and go all day long.

I have been raiding my in laws gorgeous garden.

We have also had lots of swims in their pool.

She has been smitten with the growing chicks in the garden.

So there is a small overview, we still have about three weeks before Poppy goes back to school so we are going to make the most of it, with an Australia day camping trip planned and plenty of day trips and activities before then.

Blogging will no doubt be a little slow for a while, We are out of routine which leaves me little time to sneak away.

We are off for dinner and a play at the park with friends.

Happy Days. xx


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