Thursday, February 5, 2015

Australia Day Weekend

With Poppy back at school yesterday (Grade 1!!) and Tommy home from work, I had a chance to go over some photos from our Australia day long weekend. 

And what an amazing weekend it was, with a bunch of friends we were off on the Friday afternoon in our four wheel drives and heading to some dunes about an hour away for a lovely getaway.

Camping, beaching, quad bike riding, four wheel driving, dune climbing, marshmallow cooking, exploring and more.

With lots of other little children it always makes for a more relaxing (seems crazy I know) time as everyone is in the same frame of mind watching all the children and they all play so lovely together. Plus when they are all tucked up in bed of a night everyone appreciates a glass of wine around the fire more than ever! 

We had almost perfect weather, with only one night being a bit windy and rainy but it soon cleared up and was followed by a scorcher of a day (Tasmania for you!)

The children loved climbing the dunes which was fantastic for a good nights sleep and riding down them on the sand boards was so much fun.

We always love decorating our 1970's pop up camper with flags or whatever to have a bit of a festive feel and as it's usually Poppy who decides what the decorations are, she loves the feeling of being involved in the setting up process.

Overall we had a fantastic weekend and can not wait to do it a few more times before the summer is over!!

What did you do for the long weekend?

Holli x


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