Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Bubble snakes

I had this little activity packed away with our camping things as a 'go to' if we had a quiet afternoon. Luckily we didn't and the children were easily entertained playing in the dirt and what not.
So today when it was a little quiet I whip it together and everyone (including Tommy who was home from work early) enjoyed it for a good hour or so.

You will need:
Rubber bands
Old Socks
Bottles with the bottom cut out
A mix of 3/4 detergent and 1/4 water

What to do:
Cut the ends of the socks off and pull them over the end of the bottle and secure them with a rubber band.
Dip the end in the detergent mixture and give some long gentle blows on the bottle to make "bubble snakes". We had competitions to see who could get the longest and whose would float the highest in the air.

So there you have it, a fast, easy activity that can be whipped up anywhere.

Happy Tuesday! x


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