Sunday, February 1, 2015


I'm the type of person that would be half way through washing the dishes, put the brush down and say "I'm going to pickle some cucumbers", then spend the next two hours cutting, sterilising and bottling cucumbers and anything else I can lay my hands on from the garden. 
It's not that I wouldn't have thought about it for awhile, in fact I have probably over thought it for the past few days, lay awake at night thinking of what spices would suit my pickle mix, how many bottles I should do and what we would be doing in 8-10 week later when it's time to open and enjoy the pickles, a last hurrah summer salad? An easy Saturday night dinner of burgers with friends?
I just seem to have trouble finding the time, so while I'm washing away sometimes I realise, everyone is accounted for, playing nicely, in the garden with Pop or gone for a walk with Dad and I make the most of that quiet time. Stop what I'm doing and bottle till my hearts content. 
Which is what I did today, Tommy had taken Poppy to see what happens while he gives blood, and the twins were playing nicely with their baby dolls. 
We have had (like most people with veggie gardens) an overload of cucumbers so we pickled some using this recipe. The plum tree has gone nuts this year so we bottled up a few plums too, they will be delicious in the cooler months in pies, crumbles and as is, perhaps with a dollop of yoghurt.

I have found in the past six years of being a Mum that you have to make the most of the quiet time you are given, even if it means ditching the dishes.

Happy Sunday. x


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