Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Hello!... Yes I know, shock horror, a blog post! 

I know I have been missing in action for a few weeks, but hopefully I get out of my blogging 'funk' and be more consistent again soon.

Any hoo... I thought I would start with the 5k I ran on the weekend.
 I had made bit of a new years resolution to myself that I would enter the Women's 5k run for Cancer, which was held on Sunday in our town, I had run it once before, a few years ago and was hoping to beat my time and also increase my fitness in the process.

Getting out for a run wasn't the easiest task with Tom often working away and the three children as the twins are getting too big to enjoy being pushed in the pram. So I slugged it away on the treadmill every morning, with the occasional run outdoors. I chucked on my headphones, pumped up the music and enjoyed 30 minutes running and singing.

Every few days I could feel myself getting stronger, and as time went on I wasn't counting down how many minutes I had before I could stop, instead I found myself trying to sneak in an extra 10 or 15 minutes before the children starting looking for me.

 I printed off an 8 week '5k running plan for beginners', wrote it up on a calendar and stuck it next to the treadmill, it was so rewarding to slash a big cross on every day I had completed my run. I also downloaded the Nike+ app which is great for tracking your runs.

There were a few things I had to work around, like a some camping trips where I had to find time for a dusty/sandy run, or a few nights where I had been up with the twins for hours and was exhausted. Even then I still found ways to get my run in and always felt better for it.

On Sunday I was a little nervous but hoping to run under 45 minutes, my best time at home was 47 minutes and I was relying on the hype of the race to get me under 45. 

And I smashed it! I ran 41.01 which I was so proud of look forward to knocking it down even more next year.

The Women's 5k, is such a fun morning, with all the women cheering  and encouraging each other along the way. 

My next goal? Well I have been looking into a 5k Mud Run which is coming up next month, I will have to decide soon if I'm going to enter as I will need to start training again, as for now? I'm happy waddling around with sore legs for a few days. 

Hopefully you'll see me again soon...

Holli x


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