Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Rory has been overdue for a haircut for some time. Getting to the hairdresses is a bit of a struggle, and as Alexis doesn't need a haircut, it's impossible to take them together without her getting upset because she wants a haircut too. 

So on the weekend I watched a few youtube videos on how to cut boys hair, got the clippers out and gave it a whirl (Rory wears a hat most of the time anyway so if it's really bad, no one would know.)

I was happy with how it turned out which was lucky because Rory liked that I had cut his hair so much that he didn't want to wear his hat for the rest of the weekend.

I would recommend giving it a go at home, it's easy, convenient and free!

Happy Tuesday. x

(You can find boy's hair cutting tutorials here)


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