Friday, April 24, 2015

Autumn Fashion

I love blogging, I love seeing my photos being put to good use, stored in a journal, watching my family grow year by year and sharing my life with you all.

I love Instagram too, (here) I love how instant it is, how I take photos of things with my phone that I wouldn't usually get my camera out for and in seconds it is logged into my photo journal. It has been my saviour during long, sleepless nights feeding the twins, seeing that other Mums in my news feed are going through the same thing, even if on the other side of the world, someone else is pushing through their tiredness just like me.

I have been fortunate enough to have had some companies contact me through these forums and offer me their products to use and photograph with my family.

I wouldn't do this for any company I didn't already love or use, so recently when Target offered to send the children some items from their Autumn range I jumped at the chance.

As I love photographing my three and most of their closet is from Target anyway I wasn't really doing anything new.

We did have fun dressing up in the different outfits and having mini 'photo shoots', the twins especially loved seeing their photos on my computer afterwards.

Target even reposted some of our photos on their personal Instagram (here) and this particular photo of Rory got some funny comments.

My three love their new Target goodies, they have definitely given the pieces a good 'test run' with lots of playing, wrestling and dancing in the rain, wind and even snow.



  1. How cute! And how awesome that you get to Brand Rep for doing something that you love doing! Who would've thought that years ago when you were writing on pen and paper in a journal that one day you would be sharing your thoughts, your experience with a whole host of other like minded people. I love the online community and friendships and connections I have made too.
    BTW, my favourite pic here has got to be the navy and red puffer vest...oh and the last pic :)


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