Monday, April 6, 2015


We started off the Term 1 holidays with a little trip to our state's capital, Hobart.

We headed off on Thursday afternoon, and arrived at my sisters in laws place, all excited for her 30th birthday party Tommy and I were heading to that night. I had organised for my brother and his husband to look after my three and they were so excited to spend some time with their uncles.

We also had some traveling around to do and checking out some spots I was taken to and enjoyed as a child. 

We traveled 40k out of Hobart to the little town of Dunally which endured horrible bush fires in 2013 and was amazed at how beautiful this little town still was, you can see the town being rebuilt, most notably the little school. We enjoyed their beautiful seafood and scenery from the rolling green farms to the turquoise sea.

Saturday was spent wandering the famous Salamanca market, where we ate amazing food, watch a very flexible contortionist, bought beautiful produce and people watched on the lawn.

Sunday was the most perfect morning to drive up to the top of Mount Wellington to see Hobart from above, with a clear view over the whole city, you could see the children taking in just how big it was, Alexis thought it was the entire world he was looking down on.

We finished the trip off with a BBQ with family, we also fitted in beach visits, easter bunny, chocolate (lots of chocolate), dinners with friends and family, shopping, rock climbing, and more. The perfect mini getaway, right here in our own state.

Did you get away this Easter?

Holli x


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