Thursday, May 28, 2015


It's hard to know where to start with blogging about our amazing little getaway to Bali.

If you follow me on Instagram you're probably already sick of my holiday photos, but there is so much beauty in Bali, it's hard not to capture it.

Tom, Poppy and I left for Denpasar on a cold Tassie Tuesday, and got to our destination 14 hours later (seven in the air) in thick, 30 degree heat. It was the dark of night and even though we were all sleep deprived, the excitement of being in another country took over and we took in everything we could on the short drive to our first hotel. The noise, smell, sounds, scooters, dogs, cows, people, all completely different to our surroundings just hours before. 

We packed the short amount of time we had away with lots of sight seeing, activities, shopping and swimming. We took in as much as possible, used as much Indonesian as we could, trying the different foods and tried to explore a little out of the high tourist areas.

I've had many emails and questions on social media asking about traveling with children to Bali and would I take the twins (three) next time? Hotels to stay at, the best places to visit and more, and I will get to those in a blog post soon I promise.

For now, I have unpacking, washing, and twin cuddles to make up on. So I will leave you with a few images from our beautiful holiday.



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