Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Face Cupcake Toppers

I recently made some of the cutest/funniest cupcake toppers for my sister in laws 30th birthday.

I printed 30 of the same photo of her (a stunning wedding photo) and chopped out her face.

After I had cut out the faces, I made some little triangles out of coloured card, that would work as 'party hats'.

I then hot glued on the hats and she was ready to party.

I also hot glued on some toothpicks and (not shown here) I added some tiny pom poms for a bit of extra cheer.

They were easy and cheap to make and turned out fab, they also make for a funny little talking point of the night.

You should give them a try for your next party and give someone a giggle. xx


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