Sunday, July 5, 2015


Winter Saturdays are for getting things done. Sewing, cooking, working on cars, cleaning or like yesterday gathering wood.

We rugged up, because even though the morning sun was out, the fresh snow air coming from the mountains behind where we live was freezing. We packed some snacks and BBQ food and headed off.

The children made their own little fire while we organised the big bonfire that had been growing for months, with rubbish that needed cleaning up from the farm, dead limbs, tree stumps and other bits and bobs.

Alexis decided she loves lizards and witchetty grubs and didn't even flinch when this one crawled up her sleeve. (Eek!!)

We filled the trailer and Ute full of beautiful wood that will keep us warm for the next few months.

After our lunch we couldn't go past cooking a few marshmallows on the fires.

 And finished off with some hot chocolates to warm our bellies. 
What a great way to enjoy a fresh Winters day.

As for today? Poppy is in the garden with Pop, Rory is asleep on the couch, Alexis is watching Tangled and Tommy is working on his car.

Me? I'm taking a break from editing some photos, A very Happy Sunday indeed. 


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