Monday, July 6, 2015

School Holiday Fun - Juggling Balls

School holidays are officially upon us, and unfortunately the weather isn't looking to good. Lucky I have been stocking up my crafting cupboard and have a few activities up my shelve.

I remember making these juggling balls with my brother and sister when I was little, sometimes we would make a huge bunch and sell them at our local market on the weekend. 

Today we made just enough for everyone to have a play. Poppy (Six), was the perfect age but the twins (three), were a bit little for some of the trickier tasks like stuffing the filled stocking into the balloons.

They've all been playing with them ever since we made them and I plan to add some extra activities to go with them in the next few days.

You will need some rice, old stockings, balloons, rubber bands and scissors.

Cut out the feet of the stockings and fill with just enough rice to suit the size ball you want. 
Tie with a rubber band and cut off any excess stocking.

Stuff the stocking ball into a balloon (this can be tricky but it does go in), Cut off the neck of the balloon just to the base of the ball. With another balloon make tiny holes (they will stretch as it goes on) then stretch over the ball, you can do this as many times and with as many colors as you like. Cut off the neck of the balloon to make an extra hole.

Squish, throw, roll, juggle, stack, and enjoy!!

Happy School Holidays! x


  1. very cute!
    what a fun idea!


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