Thursday, July 23, 2015

Witches shoes

On the weekend I'm heading to a Halloween themed party and thought I would share with you the shoes I made for my witches outfit.

I bought these shoes from the op-shop for $3.50 and was stoked because I was sure they wouldn't have any to fit my big hoofs but these were the perfect size and shape.

From a cereal box I cut some little spikes to go on the back and two pointed sections to go over the top of my foot, I hot glued these on. I made the points of the shoes longer by rolling up some news paper and hot gluing them on.

I then covered the entire outside of the shoes in masking tape as I wanted them to be black and the red suede would have soaked up all the spray paint. 

I spray painted a few coats of black on and they were starting to look great. The masking tape would soon be covered in glitter.

I cut two 'buckles' from cardboard and painted them red.

I then painted the shoes, buckles and some paper I was going to make into straps with pva and sprinkled with a bucket load of glitter.

I then hot glued everything on with some plastic spiders for a bit of extra decoration.

I'm really happy with how they turned out and can't wait to get dressed up on the weekend!



  1. Wow. They look awesome! Have a great time!


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