Monday, August 17, 2015

Ben Lomond

Last weekend we spent the night in the snow at Ben Lomond, snow is quiet a novelty down here in Tasmania, and at the moment there is plenty about, which is really nice.
We had been looking forward to our getaway all week and already had a list of things we wanted to do, an upside down snowman was on the top of Poppy's list, along with some skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing, and of course a good snow ball fight or two.

There was so much snow, and it was snowing on and off for most of the time we were there, here in Tasmania when there is snow about it's usually from the night before and has frozen by the time you visit. It was so fun to have lovely fluffy snow to play in.

We stayed in a lodge with a few other families and the children loved all sleeping in one big room together and watching the snow fall outside their room.

Some people had made huge caves in the snow and we even watched (from the comfort of our nice warm lodge) some people make the most fantastic full sized igloo, they spent hours making it and even had a ladder and torches inside finishing off the top late into the dark. We checked it out the next day and couldn't believe how huge it was.

The boys spent most the time on the snow boards, and are keen to go up again very soon, we are lucky that this beautiful spot is just under an hours drive from our home.

The weather on Saturday was just stunning, and we even got hot playing in the snow with the warm sun, but unfortunately on Sunday the wind was crazy and it was drizzling on and off through the day, which was disappointing because I was hoping to get some photos of Poppy skiing and the boys snowboarding.

It was the perfect Winter weekend, on the way home the children all thanked us and Poppy said she felt so lucky to be able to go away with friends and stay in so many beautiful places. 

I totally agree.


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