Monday, August 3, 2015


Alexis - 
The youngest in our family, she keeps us all on our toes, she often tells me her plan is to be "crazy for the day", and she is just that. I don't know how my girl can function off so little sleep and she is always "huuuuuunnnngry", she would out-eat anyone in our family, It's like she sees our enormous fruit bowl as a challenge each day and slowly works through it. She is a real "Dad's girl" and squeals with excitement when he comes home of an evening.
Likes: Dancing, horses, mandarins, singing, sausages, mister maker.
Dislikes: Cake, chocolate, sleeping, having her hair done, driving up steep hills.

Rory -
My cuddle little boy, he tells me he loves me and smothers me in cuddles about a million times a day, he loves to wrestle with his poor sisters, play cars for hours and sleep, boy does he love to sleep, he only needs to look at the car to fall asleep and is always the first to sleep of a night and the last to get up. Rory is the best sharer in our family, if he was given one treat and one of the girls asked for it, he would give it away without any question.
Likes: Puzzles, cars, hats, blackberry jam, yogurt, paw patrol, sleeping.
Dislikes: Sweet potato, sitting still, late nights, juice.

Poppy -
My grown up girl, she recently lost her front tooth and I can't look at her as my little girl anymore, she looks so much more grown up, I feel like I hardly ever see her, with sleep overs with friends, school, parties and extra activities our time together has changed dramatically since it was her and I at home every day just a few years ago. She loves to cuddle, have one on one time with everyone and could not be a better big sister to those pesky little twins, who are constantly getting into her things. 
Likes: Sushi, dresses, motorbikes, dancing, reading, maths, writing.
Dislikes: Going to bed, getting out of the shower, sausages, jeans, the twins getting in to her room.


  1. Beautiful children you have holli :)
    Love the like's and dislikes lol

  2. Beautiful children you have holli :)
    Love the like's and dislikes lol


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